MLG Capital organizes opportunities for investors to meet highly vetted companies and founders.

We do this by hosting private investor dinners, blockchain roadshows and one on one meetings. We additionally host monthly Capital Connect webinars for investors to become better familiar with new industries such as blockchain and other disruptive industries.

If you are an investor who wants to get involved in our ecosystem and access our dealflow please contact us to schedule a time to connect by phone.


These are opportunities for investors to meet up to 5 disruptive companies who are in the process of fundraising. We limit these events to proven companies, a strong team, and what we deem as having a substantial market opportunity. These meetings typically take 1 - 2 hours, includes a 5 minute pitch, with time afterwards for questions. We follow up afterwards should you be interested in learning more. Based on individual interests, we’re happy to curtail the companies who are invited. For example, only companies from a certain geography, level of growth, or industry.


We take a monthly deep dive into the most relevant topic in the blockchain industry through an online webinar that is hosted by David Mirynech, our director of research. We also source experts and thought leaders around the world to organize insightful information pertaining to opportunistic business sectors and technology. So far we have done webinars that discuss custody, cold storage, the future of banking, utility tokens and secutiy tokens, asset backed tokens and the future of tokenization, among others. You can register for our webinars on our Capital Connect website.

Private Dinners

We notify you whenever we take on a client we believe to be well positioned for expansive growth. To get acquainted and hear the story directly from the founders themselves, you can take part in our investor conference calls.

Investor Events

We host or partner with meetups open to the public. These are often great places to meet new entrepreneurs, and provide your insights to ambitious and hard working people. We always welcome investors to come to meetups as guests or speakers, and give back to their local ecosystem of entrepreneurs.